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Christmas card 2019 

If you are planning to come to the "Christmas card 2019" project read my recommendations so that the photo session will be pleasant and the result will surprise you pleasantly.


Where we will be photographed:

Location for photography - Träskvikvägen 167 66280  Taklax. We will be shooting outdoors, so you need to take all the necessary clothes that will help not to freeze. You can bring your favorite blanket or beautiful and old blanket to hide in the sled.

What clothes to wear:

It is necessary to dress warmly, but beautifully! Everyone who is going to be photographed is better to wear clothes of similar color and style, especially for children! It is better to use gray, brown, beige tones. Classic-style clothing will look very good in the picture, such as coats, hats, scarves, beautiful boots for women with heels, etc. Various large, fluffy, woolen shawls. Fur coats and of course national clothes will look great on Christmas photos. Do not wear sportswear, casual wear and do not use extremely bright colors. It is better to wear beautiful, warm knitted sweaters with scarves and hats and then dress again in warm clothes.

Where to drink coffee and change clothes:

Nearby is a warm house where we will drink coffee with cookies or Glög and if necessary change clothes and plan a photography. There is a toilet, and you can also warm yourself in the sauna if you are very cold :)

How long does photography take:

The shooting lasts an hour. But if you have more than four people or want to take more than 10 photos or if you want to take a small video, we will talk about this in advance and extend the time. Extension of time does not need to be paid in addition.

Photos with animals:

It is possible to take a photo with a horse and sheep, but you should write about this in advance, as a photo with animals may not be available all weekends in November. A photo with animals costs 15 euros.


1 photo - 10 euros, 1 photo with animals - 15 euros, minimum package 3 photos. The discount with the invitation is valid until 31.12.2019 and is suitable for individual photographs, when you choose where and when you want to take pictures. All who order pictures for more than 100 euros receive a 50% discount on family videos as a gift.


I publish all my work on social networks, so let me know in advance if you wouldn't like it for any reason!







See you soon in our

Christmas Tale!

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