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  My parents gave me a camera on my 35th birthday and didn’t even suspect that this gift would change my whole life!

  Photo and  video art have become my life's work. This is not just a hobby. This thing develops me, gives me power, fills my inner world with beauty and makes me happy. This is a combination of various areas of work and receiving incredible emotions.

  When you have a dream and it is carried out every day a little bit, then you feel a powerful energy and a burst of energy for further creativity and diovering of the world. You want to share it with people around you and give them something that is so often lacking in our life - positive emotions, self perception  and those around you through the lens of photos and videos.

  My motto is "the main thing in the details"! I am a perfectionist and understand, and then catch the main essence, the very emotion, sincere feelings, the real  “truthful” person - this is my main task during any filming. When I achieve this, it turns out to be a masterpiece. How to get there? It's simple - time! Time is the most precious thing one person has. If you feel that every minute spent on the filming was happy and there is no sense of worthlessness, but there is a beautiful result, and you can share it with others, then perhaps this is the most beautiful moments of life that you want to revise and dive into these emotions again and again. Valeria photographer in Finland. 

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