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Social advertising "Мisbirth"

A young girl does not realize the importance of her pregnancy and does not understand what the consequences for the fetus can be from smoking and alcohol and loses the child.

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Documentary film "Stina"

 In 2020-2021, i shot documentary about a disabled woman in a wheelchair, about her life and opportunities i Finland. The documentary will be shown on Finnish television in 3 parts, 12 minutes each.

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Short film "WEDLOCK" 
crime drama / noir detective

England. 20s. The main character Valerie, tired of her husband's criminal past, and trying to protect her children from this horror, radically changes both her family life and someone else's, faced with a series of unpredictable events.
Trying to figure out the relationship with her husband after 20 years of marriage, she is forced to very quickly make a difficult decision for herself and does something for which she was not yet ready - she goes to murder because of the dramatically changed situation. She solves all her problems in one day and stays with her loved one.

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